About us

About us

CENIOS is a high-tech spinoff from the University of Applied Science of Osnabrück. CENIOS stand for “Center of nano innovation in Osnabrück”.  Nanodiagnostics and POCT (point of care tests) are the focus of our company, which unites a number of elite physicists, chemists, biologists, physicians, engineers and economists.

  • Detection of analytes such as pesticides, toxins, cytostatics and antibiotics

  • Application for human and veterinary medicine

  • Application for food industry and environmental analysis

Nanodiagnostics and POCT

Laboratory screening and diagnostic tests are important tools of our health and food system. Standard laboratory methods for detecting are time-consuming and cost-extensive methods. POCT are rapid detection methods, which are used in clinical diagnostics, veterinary diagnostics, food safety and environmental analysis.

POCT are widespread methods, which can provide significant results within 3-15 minutes. The POCT methods are fast, reliable and inexpensive methods. However, the lack of quantification is a disadvantage of the POCT methods compared to standard methods. Since no parallel standard curve can be carried out during the measurements of POCT.