Our goals

Our goals

“Personalized medicine” for human and veterinary starts long before the individualized drug molecule. At the same time, monitoring a drug level and thus determining the daily dose is very difficult.

“Children are not small adults”

This statement from pharmacology has almost become a truism. However, not only the physical stage of development, but also many other factors have an effect on how a drug works in an individuum. Gender, age, weight or even the personal metabolism determine which dose is necessary for an optimal effect. While it may not be a problem with aspirin or a diarrhea medication if it is a little too much or too little, the situation is quite different with cytostatics or antibiotics, which are highly effective but can also have severe side effects.

Until now, no simple POCT method is available for determining the drug in doctor’s offices.

High quality and fast

In contrast to prescribed protocols we are working on new technology, which can determine the degree of the individual metabolism of the drugs within 15 minutes directly.  The special feature: in contrast to previously “typical” instant diagnostic methods such as pregnancy or Corona virus tests, our kits not only indicate whether a specific substance is present or not, but also provide a quantitative measurement with the aid of a reading device. Until now, this was only possible with time-consuming laboratory tests.

We are developing new products with 100 times lower manufacturing costs, which can determine the desired results in a few minutes “on-site”. Our method can reduce waiting times and analysis costs for dosage significantly.

Our method can be considered in Europe as a quick alternative but this method could be the last hope for personalized dosage in third world countries.

Application in most areas

But the possible applications are not limited to therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). “Our innovative method can also be used for other issues, e.g. for the simple and fast monitoring of toxins in food, feed or in water.”

But the founders also have other applications in medicine on the horizon: “We see the production of innovative and inexpensive instant diagnostics as our long-term task. Our quantitative POCT kits for the purpose of personalised drug dosing are our first marketable products. We hope that one of our other methods for the timely detection of sepsis will become marketable in the foreseeable future.”