Veterinary rapid diagnostics

Our rapid tests for veterinary are manufactured according to audited and international quality standards. Thanks to its simple application, the special rapid test procedure can make your daily practice work easier. The rapid results with high precision support your practice work and enable better therapy success.

We continued to improve diagnostics for environmental, food safety and veterinary. Therefore, we are constantly expanding our product range.

We are able to accept production- or special orders from business customers.

Product Sample Description


FPV Ag feces Feline panleukopenia virus test cassette
FeLV Ag WB/serum/plasma FeLV Antigen Rapid test cassette


CPV Ag feces/vomitus Parvovirus antigen rapid test cassette
Ehrlichia Ab WB/serum/plasma Ehrlichia antibody test cassette


Bovine Preg serum/plasma/milk Cow pregnancy test cassette
Bovine Bru Ab WB/serum/plasma/milk Brucellosis serum Ab test cassette
Bovis Ab serum/plasma Bovine tuberculosis test cassette


Lyme Ab (dog, cat, cattle and horse) WB/serum/plasma Lyme disease antibody test cassette
Toxo Ab (dog, cat) WB/serum/plasma Toxoplasma gondii antibody test cassette
Toxo Ag (dog, cat and bird) feces/serum/plasma Toxoplasma gondii antigen test cassette
Giardia Ag (dog, cat and cattle) feces Giardia Lamblia rapid test cassette