Welcome to CENIOS

We are pleased to welcome you to our website. As a leading center for nanotechnology innovation, we specialize in the production of high-quality rapid tests that provide you with reliable results in the shortest possible time.

Our years of experience and broad know-how enable us to offer you innovative solutions that meet the highest quality standards and contribute to effective protection of your health.

We are proud to be an important partner in medical care and to use our technology for a better future.

About us

CENIOS is a high-tech startup of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. CENIOS stands for “Center of nano innovation in Osnabrück”. Nanodiagnostics and POCT (point of care tests) are the focus of our company, which consists of physicists, chemists, biologists, physicians and engineers.


Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is a retrovirusthat can cause cancer.


Reliable antigen detection of parvoviruses in the feces of cats and dogs is provided by the CENIOS Parvo.


The CENIOS Lyme Test is a rapid immunochromatographic test for animals following infection with Borrelia.